Our standard price of each trek stage (a 24 hour period) is $69 USD or $125 USD (for a 48 hour period). You should aim to arrive very promptly at the meeting point for each morning and before we start trekking, which depending on the given day will be between 8 and 9am, and whatever day that you wish to leave, you will terminate the following day after breakfast and before we start the next trek stage again. 

This includes: - 

  • 1 night accomodation in a shared room, either doubles or triples (same sex). Some accommodation will have hot or cold showers, all accommodation will be in beds (homestays and hostels) but the standard and comfort would be considered to be at worst BASIC to at best MODERATE. 
  • One evening meal and one breakfast wherever we stay.  
  • Any entry fees to sites along the way (only on certain days). 
  • Any local workshops or demonstrations along the way (where possibilities to purchase anything locally is up to you).
  • Services of the trek hoppers representative - i.e. the person who is leading the way.
  • Any local transport (sometimes more convenient taxis) needed to get people from one point to another on the trip.
  • A reusable fabric bag for purchasing snacks at the market.  The idea is we minimalise carrying more plastic into the treks (taking only what goes out).  
  • A beer or chicha on us for your hard work at a local establishment, at the end of day 6 if making it all the way.
  • A souviner t-shirt (if trekking more than 3 days with the trip).

We shall offer the trek with a discount for the following options -

  • $5 USD per day off if our participent helps collect any trash or rubbish along the way which is deposed of where best possible at various locations along the way.
  • Many people may wish to support and dedicate there trek to a local charity or something that is close to heart and in turn making this a fund-rasing event.  In the case you are doing this for a good cause, Trekhoppers will offer to match $1 for every mile or 1.5 kilomoteres trekked going to the charity of your choice. Trek hoppers will calculate the exact distance trekked and offer to pay this at the end of your completed trek(s).

This does not include -

Any lunches or snacks.  We allow you to budget for this and restock where possible along the way. Almost on a daily basis we are visiting towns or villages where there are opportunities to buy a picnic lunch.  If bringing your own water containers. Trek lleaders carry a 'steripen so no need to buy plastic bottles and in addition where we can, we will ask to have boiled water prepared for you (once again to save on plastic bottles), ideally for the next again day.

Walking poles (we can rent these out for you at $5 USD per trek day).

Maps - We can offer the best topographical maps of the area by request which will cost a further 65 soles/$20 USD to buy. Which would make a great souviner!

Optional trips (where possible) e.g. Paddle boarding, lake Kayaking or Quad biking may be an option on certain days and Horse riding on Day 6. (please enquire before your trip about this on what options and prices may be available so we can plan in advance for you).  

Getting out/back from first destination/final destination point e.g to Cusco or Machu Picchu.  We can help assist where necessary with instructions on how to do this on your own or even call up a taxi for you to be ready at point of departure.

Note: For a visit to Machu Picchu at the end of the trails, we can offer to book this trip for you please enquire for further details on this specific option.

Final note on prices:

Treks are priced to ensure this trip is made as economical as possible to begin with. Therefore our profit margins are very low and in order that the communities benefit appropriately for services rendered, therefore please do not feel the need to negotiate to an even cheaper price.  In the long-term, we intend to further support these communities and areas we trek through by contributing on any prospective projects with any profit we gain.

Thus, In order to keep these costs as stated we would ideally suggest that an initial half of the payment is sent as a money-wire via Western Union (or if necessary to be paying by card we shall need to add on extra charges made by third party suppliers) and half payment in cash on the day of departure or 1 day before.  At this current time we do not have pay-pal option although we may consider to have this in place in due course. We can also offer credit card/debit card via VISA NET.

Thanks for understanding, Matt and the Trekhoppers team!