Espinar: trekking & homestays

Price starting at $50 USD, per person, per day, including any transport, 3 meals, accommodation and activities. (Minimum of 2 people, up to 10 people maximum)

Our new program offers, trekking in Canyons, visits to Inka ruins, staying on local farms and experiencing the local lifestyle and Agriculture. Take a look below -


Day 1 - Arrival to Espinar. transfer to Farmstay in Suykutambo

Today, is about getting to our final location and resting up, orientated with our surroundings and introductions to our local family. Likely, you will be staying here at least 2 nights. We will arrange transport either from Arequipa or Cusco to get you to Espinar - about 5 hours. Then someone will meet you off the bus. From Espinar another 1 hour travel time is needed to get to the rural community of Suykutambo. Along the way you will pass by some stunning locations and Canyons which we will make sure you get the chance to explore in stages and on the way back to Espinar on the final day.

Day 2 - Exploring the area. Learn traditional farming culture. Hike Mayo Tinqo circuit.

Today we have time to learn a little of the culture and participating in local activities within the family farm. These could include learning how to herd the Llamas, helping harvest from the vegatable garden, rearing the guinea pigs, as well as heading down to the river to do Trout fishing in order to catch our lunch. At any point of the day we also can take a 2-3 hour hike around the area full of amazing volcanic columns and rock formations. Literally thousands of them around the area. This trail is known locally as the ’Mayo Tinqo’ circuit.

Day 3: Morning - trekking the Canyon. Viewpoint of ‘Trés Cañones’.

Today we hike around 4-5 hours on top of the Canyon. passsing through more of the rock formations. Around lunch we arrive to the best view point where you can see along 3 different canyons. Also known as ‘trés Cañones.

Day 3: Afternoon - exploring the site of Taqrachullo and viewpoint to the 3 Canyons.

In the afternoon we continue on to visit the remarkably unknown Pre-Inkan site of Taqrachullo. Here we can get more elevated views of the scenic canyons as well as explore these interesting ruins before returning to our new homestay located either at Yanamayo or back at the 3 canyons viewpoint. Take your time to ‘light-hike’ around the area in your own time and to marvel at the work of the Inkas and pre-Inkas and the same view as what they saw centuaries ago - a wonderfully strategic and scenically panoramic view across to several canyons and the valleys between them.

Day 4 - Visit two archealogical sites and sleep in Espinar.

Today we take more of a tour than trek. In the morning we drive about 40 minutes to the archealogical site of Maukallacta and have a short guided tour and time to navigate this large archealogical site on foot in around 1.5 hours. Then we drive into the mining town of Espniar, where have the chance to to check in to our hotel and go for lunch nearby.

This afternoon, we head out of town to visit the pre-Inka site of Kanasmarka, which most of the excavation work only dates back to 2006. Within some of the builidings lies several tombs. One of which was a burial for an Inka Princess. Once we have visited these ruins we return to rest in Espinar and a final dinner in one of the towns finest restaurants.