1. Adverse weather policy

We are trekking mostly on good trail and areas that are normally less prone to landslides or avalanches even in the wet season which is November - March/April.  In the case of freak weather periods, the trail representative/trek hopper leader, has the right to turn back if it is believed that it could become dangerous to continue e.g thunderstorms and very heavy rainfall at any point. That said, trekkers should not feel the need to cancel their day with a bit of a light-medium rain shower.  

If payments/reservations have already been made to the families etc, we will continue to fulfill and honour the payment that is due, so please do not expect a refund on this day.  We may however, be able to wait out any bad weather at a town in the Valley and proceed to trek the next again day in which case 'Trek Hoppers' will cover the expenses for local travel to the start point from the rest-stop to the next section of trail on the next day, but not any accomodation that was changed for the night before.

2.Cancelation and change policies

a. If you need to cancel the trip for any reason, please inform us of the reason and with as much time as possible. We shall refund you in full the 50% deposit you have paid, up to 2 days before the departure date.

b. If within 2 days, we may be left with only late booking possibilities and may have already turned away business so between 2 days and 15 hours until departure, we may only offer you half of the deposit made if we cannot fill those spaces up in time.

c. For less than 15 hours before, no refund will be possible but we can offer to put some of your deposit towards another departure later in the year. 

d. Trek hoppers Peru always reserve the right to refund where appropriate and taking into consideration of every individual case. 

3. Other general booking conditions.

3.1 Waivers

We require you to sign a waiver on the morning before setting out on the trek this will include that you have acclimated accordingly (2 full days at elevation of 3000m or above), are of good general fitness for these indicated treks.

3.2 You must sign on the invoice that you have read all of the booking conditions written in this page at the time of making the initial payment.

3.3 Medical

Anyone with any medical conditions such as heart condition, acute asthma, or any physical injuries that could impede on their health during one of our treks, should declare this and have some signed formal agreement from their doctor before attending the trip stating that they are eligible to take part in the trek(s).

3.4 Age requirements

 We accept anyone from 8 years of age up to 70.  Anyone between the ages of 8 and 17 should be accompanied by a responsible adult/parent. All children should be equally prepared for trekking the routes and note that some days will be easier than others for them.  Please do not hesitate to query us if you are in anyway unsure that your child is capable on each specific trek before making a reservation.  If over 70, it may still be fine to trek with us so long as you have your doctor let us know and if there are any medical conditions that we SHOULD know about. 

3.5 Photos and marketing

Where we have opportunities for marketing and promotional purposes, we may decide to take some photos in order to enhance our website, facebook and instagram pages.  Please do let us know that if we use photos of yourselves at the time, that it will not be a problem or inform us otherwise.

3.6  Travel insurance.

a. You should have your own travel insurance that covers you for the entirety of the trek days in which you are participating.

b. covered for trekking up to 4500m/15000ft - note that most basic packages will cover up to 5000m/16500ft

c.  Medical repatriation in the worst case scenario.

3.7 Complaints procedure.

We truly hope that your experience will be a positive one. We will be asking for your comments at the end of the trip (your last day) and look for any informed feedback in order to improve on further following trips.  However if for some reason you are unable to write or express thoughts at the time, please inform us by email of any service you felt was unsatisfactory and ideally no more than 1 week after the trip terminates and in the case that it is agreed that your cause for complaint was justified we will consider negotiation of any refunds.

Thanks for taking the time to read the above,

Matt and the team.